‘I’m saying yes to everything this year,’ confirms Fresher, helping bury body on Woodhouse Moore

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

Police have confirmed a Leeds University first year student that was caught hiding a body in Woodhouse Moore last night, has defended his actions by claiming he had been advised that university was all about “trying new things.”

For many young undergraduates, the start of university life represents a clean slate. Opportunities to meet new people, pick up a quirky hobby, or even drop your previously uptight and tense persona for one of a more relaxed, cool and generally more attractive individual.

However, many would argue Leodis resident, Peter Powder, may have taken this advice a bit too far after getting caught up in local gang trouble in only his second week at university.

Powder is currently being held under arrest at West Yorkshire Police station on suspicion of assisted murder and a further count of being a moronic ‘Yes-Man’.

In a statement made on behalf of the nineteen-year-old student by Powder’s lawyer, Powder confirmed his suspected guilt, saying he had “arrived at Uni with the words of his mother ringing in his ears, ‘you must say yes to everything this year Peter.’”

Initial reports suggest he was approached with the proposition to “earn a quick buck” whilst attempting to bum a ciggie outside HiFi nightclub on Sunday night.

Powder was not available for further comment, and ironically, Powder’s parents declined to the opportunity of an interview with The Whip.

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