Overenthusiastic student proposes to dissertation supervisor

They said I had to be engaged with my work.

The return to campus life can be disorientating, a whirlwind of social and academic pressures. Indeed, as final years across Leeds grapple with the prospect of writing ten thousand words on a subject they have, until now, found utterly uninteresting, it all appears to have got too much for some.

In one such case of dissertation induced madness, newly enthused political aficionado, Jemima Lampshade, is thought to have gone to extraordinary lengths in the pursuit of success, bent the knee and proposed to her dissertation supervisor.

Lampshade reportedly took her opportunity in the privacy of a personal tutor meeting – it is understood she was soundly rejected.

The Whip has since been able to catch up with the personal tutor in question, who has asked to remain unnamed, about the incident.

“Talk about surreal,” the balding, coffee drinking professor began, gesticulating wildly and clearly in a state of shock, “in she rocks, this girl I’ve never seen before in my life but has supposedly been on the course for the last however many years, wearing these ridiculous floaty trousers.

“And anyway, trousers aside, she’s banging on and on about how final year is all about work, exercise and vegetables, eulogising about my knowledge (which is extensive to be fair) of the changing nature of revolutions in the face of current technological advancements, when, quick as a flash, she drops down and pops the question!

“I was sat behind my desk, couldn’t even see the girl. Thought she was tying her bloody shoelaces… Jesus Christ get me on research leave.”

Following the bizarre affair, it has sadly emerged his wife is now filing for divorce.

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