Call of Duty addict repeating second year insists he’s just ‘prestiged’

‘I’m on a 2:1 right now, but I’m working hard to move on up to a 3:1 kill death ratio’

Repeating a year of university can be a frustrating experience, but one Call of Duty-addicted student has told The Whip that they think otherwise.

Declan Ralph, repeating second year Accounting & Finance, has played down the negative consequences of his video game habit, instead claiming that he’s just ‘prestiged.’

Declan doesn’t see repeating second year as a problem and told The Whip that he is glad to have more time to train for FaZe Clan try-outs. When asked about the situation he now found himself in, Declan was optimistic: “There should be absolutely no shame in repeating second year, people just don’t understand that it takes time to perfect a degree. Rome wasn’t built in a day… and famously, neither was the map Azhir Cave (night) from the upcoming 2019 Modern Warfare reboot, which took 18 months to create in its entirety. I’m on a 2:1 right now, but I’m working hard to move up to a 3:1 kill death ratio. I’m in a good place.”

A staunch advocate of what he sees as the benefits of gaming, Declan’s heightened reaction times come in handy when he has to jump out of bed to go and meet his Deliveroo driver. 

Declan was quick to point out some of his non-academic achievements, such as killing the Warden from Black Ops 4’s ‘Blood of the Dead’ map with the Blundergat, Acidgat, AND Magmagat in a single game.

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