‘History’ of ‘Art’ student shit at both

’The problem may extend across the entire discipline.’

Following reports of staggering ineptitude on levels both moral and aesthetic, one University of Bristol student has unwittingly found themselves the subject of media and intellectual scrutiny.

The student in question, James Boon – a 20 year old History of Art Undergraduate from Wokingham – was accused of unprecedented levels of incompetence in his capacities as both an artist and a historian. The case came to the public’s attention when a symposium meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, highlighted the issue as a matter of grave concern. The resulting furore has grown to encompass the entire university faculty, and has invited attention from regulatory agencies.

Cornered by our correspondents in his unkempt four bedroom maisonette in Bristol’s Cotham neighbourhood, James had little to say in his defence, only that the initial accusation of him being a “scoundrel, fool and embarrassment to not only one but two great professions” was perhaps “a bit harsh – really.” Further analysis of both his crude daubings and his incoherent musings on Raphael in Renaissance portraiture suggests that their criticisms may not be unwarranted.

Perhaps most alarmingly of all, preliminary findings from the United Nations special rapporteur on educational issues – Pierre Savonorel – suggested that “the problem may extend across the entire discipline.” Other undergraduates have conceded that accusation may not be entirely unfair with one student describing the barrage of criticism as “slyly quite true.”

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