Student sets off fire alarm, accidentally launches own jump up night

Twisted firestarter.

A UoM student accidentally launched his own jump up drum ‘n’ bass night this weekend after setting off the fire alarm in his flat. 

James Greene, an Oak House resident, said he had been rocketed to local notoriety when he burnt his supper of beans on toast.

“When the fire alarm went off, I thought, ‘Fucksake, not again,’ and had to peg it downstairs in my PJs,” the first year told The Whip.

“But when I got outside there were people doing gun fingers and skanking. Something about the piercing wail of a fire alarm really resonates with the DnB community. 

“So I’ve decided to take this fire alarm sound to the next level. I think it’s important to strip the music back to its bare bones. We’re doing our first show at Cubo and I’m bringing a can of petrol and a lighter. I’ve heard they’ve got a nuts fire safety protocol there.

“In honour of the legendary Keith Flint we’ve named our night Firestarter. No disrespect to him but we think we’re gonna bring a better sound to the name than he did.”

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