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‘Tektu is my favourite genre,’ says clued-up fresher

“Banging Tektu.”

An in-the-know first year has declared club night Tektu his favourite genre of electronic music. 

Ben Woakes, an Unsworth Park resident, told The Whip about his newfound love for the genre.

“Coming to uni has been a musical wake-up call. In Freshers’ Week I invited my flat to Band on the Wall to see this great singer-songwriter from my town in Hertfordshire but they laughed me off and went to Cubo instead.

“So I figured I should get to know about this new EDM side of things. To be honest it’s all been a bit confusing.

“There’s house, techno, and garage. Those are the easy ones. I’m not a fan though, it’s all a bit samey. But then I heard these second years talking about Tektu. I thought, ‘That sounds like my kind of vibe!’

“So yeah, Tektu is my favourite genre now. If you know, you know. And if you want to get to know, you should check out the earlier stuff in the genre. It’s all an offshoot of this other genre called ‘Factory 3rd floor’, which is another of my favourite genres.

“I’ve heard there are some clubs in town that play some banging Tektu so I’m going to check those out this weekend.”


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