Ali G ‘Finding Motivation’ workshop cancelled after no-one bothers to show up

Who’d have thought?

An Alan Gilbert Learning Commons motivation workshop was cancelled this week due to lack of attendance.

The workshop was intended to focus on ways to inspire students to go to lectures, but the 9am start appears to have deterred any chances of students attending.

The promotion for the workshop involved one email sent to every student and a single poster hidden in a book in Blue 2. One of the four students who read the email, second year Molly Wright, felt unenthusiastic about the project from the beginning. 

“I already have 6 contact hours a week – how am I going to find time for a workshop on top of that?” Wright told Whip reporters.

“I live in Withington. Ali G is soooo far away. Plus getting the bus with all those first years off to their 9ams? No thanks.”

Arthur Miller, the post-grad student who arranged the workshop, told The Whip of his disappointment.

“I remember being an undergraduate, an exceptionally lazy one at that. I’m trying to help people so they don’t end up in academia like me. Everyone needs a kick up the arse sometimes.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the only solution to the sloth of these students is an actual kick up the arse.”

A follow up workshop is due to be held in the VIP room in Fifth.

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