Fuel under pressure to rebrand to Biofuel

“It’s simply irresponsible to be an advocate of Fuel.”

Fuel Cafe in Withington, an all-vegetarian cafe bar, late night music venue and notoriously uninspired first date spot, has come under fire this week for its name’s relentless promotion of non-renewable fossil fuels.

Environmental activists from the University of Manchester, including 2nd year Geography student Alex Greene, have been boycotting the coffee shop to pressure the owners to change its name to Biofuel.

“In this day and age it’s simply irresponsible to be an advocate of Fuel. Their brazen logo in big letters proves how apathetic they are to climate change. There was a Guardian exposé recently that reckoned Fuel is one of the biggest carbon dioxide producers worldwide. This isn’t good enough.

“It’s been a difficult decision to boycott the place as they do a belting avo on sourdough and their 3 quid house lager is fairly agreeable. I’ve also had to resort to taking my Bumble dates over the road to Solomon’s.

“But until we see some change then that’s the price we have to pay. We won’t stop until they’ve changed to a more enviro-friendly name like Biofuel or or something cool like ‘Tidal Power’.”


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