Cat planning to wear flares and crop top to Halloween party

Subversive – yet sexy.

We have become so accustomed to the menagerie of supernatural, spooky and spectral costumes rolled every Halloween that even the most unusual and inventive examples fail to surprise. This hardened reporter is certainly no longer spooked. One Redland cat’s outfit idea, however, has won her student celebrity status.

The cat announced its intentions to lampoon the Bristol Student as cat paradigm, instead – as a cat – dressing as a Bristol Student. The subversive – yet sexy – outfit idea immediately garnered widespread adulation.

Over a bowl of milk, the petrifying puss told our correspondents that she was unsure of the responses such an outfit would receive, adding that she sincerely hoped that no one would be offended, and that it might frame her feline physique in a flattering light.

A (human) University of Bristol student interviewed by our correspondents expressed that the costume idea perturbed him deeply, although was unlikely to be more frightening than than his much talked-about Joker (2019) costume. 

Others seemed more enthusiastic, with some fellow Redland residents claiming that the “garms [sic]” sounded “well fit,” and that they wished they had thought of the idea before buying their own cat costumes. 

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