Friendly guy on your course now just a bit creepy

“He’s even talking to people in lifts.”

After several weeks of university, the ‘friendly guy’ on your course is still trying to make new friends in an approach which is now just a bit creepy.

While it’s fine to strike up conversation with someone new in the first few weeks, everyone knows that by week four you should stop as now no-one wants to make friends for the rest of their degree.

A concerned student, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to Whip reporters.

“Yeah, it’s dead weird, most of us have realised that being sat in the same room for hours doesn’t automatically grant the establishment of friendship, but I guess he didn’t get the memo.”

“It’s not just lectures though. He’s doing it outside seminars, in the cafe at lunch time, and worryingly even in the lifts.”

“He even chats to you when you’ve got headphones in. What’s wrong with him?”

It appears that students have begun avoiding lectures to get away from the incessant conversation of the friendly guy in favour of the isolation of having a lie-in.

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