Regular Frisbee Club really struggling

Ultimate Frisbee declined to comment.

In a heart wrenching turn of events Bristol University’s Regular Frisbee Club announced the latest in a long line of cutbacks in both cost and membership requirements. The sweeping reforms come as the society continues to struggle for members against the far more popular and exciting Ultimate Frisbee Club (who often refer to themselves as simply “Ultimate”).

The cutback will include reducing the committee from five members to three (to reflect the fact they only have four members), a reduction in AGM quorum to two members and a 10% decrease in thread density in the Club’s standard issue string vests.

“For a long time people simply enjoyed it for what it was, a game where you didn’t catch the thing you were throwing and had to run after it,” said Club Captain Alexander Dwyer over a pint of real ale. “However recently young people seem much more interested in a high paced team sport infused with real skill and camaraderie.”

Vice-Captain and publicity officer Jonathan Chen said their troubles began very early in the year at freshers fair.

“It’s like they didn’t even see the folding chair of hand drawn flyers we were using. They walked straight past us!”

The UK Regular Frisbee Association, of which Mr Dwyer is also President and Press Officer, said in a statement “We hope that a decrease in the general mood of the nation will sufficiently dishearten the populace enough to come back to our sport.”

“Also, does anybody want to toss the disk around later? No? Okay, always worth asking.”

Ultimate Frisbee declined to comment on the basis that they were unaware of the other club’s existence.

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