Student ‘locked out’ of PayPal, Uber and Splitwise now locked out of house

‘Sorry, PayPal’s not working can I make you dinner instead :/ x’

It appears that tensions in Hyde Park over money have reached breaking point, taking precedence over friendship and tenancy. In a surprising turn of events, a student house has taken matters into their own hands and locked fellow resident, Sophia Dinero, out of the household until their debts are all repaid.

The Whip managed to talk to one of the housemates before the historic lockout began.

“It turns out there is a limit in the number of pints you can promise,” fumed the out-of-pocket student. “We’ve just had enough. The excuses about not having Uber, or PayPal not working have reached their limit. We even worked out that based on what she’s telling us, she hasn’t had her card reader since September 2016.

“To top it all off, she really takes the piss when it comes to repaying her. Just last night she messaged asking if we could ‘transfer her 34p for the kitchen roll. Sorry to be annoying, just so poor at the moment haha x.’

“She owes me £32 on Splitwise.”

We caught up with the thrifty student to see if she had any response to her housemates’ comments

“This is a complete overreaction,” she said, sat in outrage on her front doorstep. “Everyone is guilty of owing their friends a bit of money, and it’s not my fault I’m not good with technology. I just think that they have taken it a step too far.

“Some of the stuff they ask to be repaid for is also really unfair. I hardly ever use the TV, so do you really think it’s fair that I have to chip in for the license? Ridiculous. Anyway, do you fancy going somewhere for a coffee? Do you mind getting me one? I’ll pay you back asap tomorrow, I just forgot my card.”

It appears that Sophia has been allowed access to the house after promising to pay everyone back at the beginning of the month, just as soon as her allowance comes in from mum and dad.

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