‘Yeah I’ve seen B2B before, he’s a sick DJ’, claims fresher trying to fit in

“I just thought he was a talented and hardworking guy.”

Amid the pressure to appear to know what she is talking about, one History of Art student has reached out to The Whip after attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. The student in question, Melanie Palmer, made a disastrous blunder when she confused ‘B2B’ for a famous DJ whilst trying to impress a group of people slightly cooler than herself.

The comment took place during a pre-drinks for a popular night at Lakota where she knew Upgrade B2B Logan D to be on the line-up. According to our sources, whilst many patrons of the Hiatt Baker pre-drinks were amused by Palmer’s mishap, several other people agreed that B2B would indeed perform an exemplary set that night.

Palmer was reportedly confused as to why he plays so many sets in Bristol, many overlapping with each other and in different nightclubs at the same time, saying, “I just thought he was a very talented and hardworking guy who was booked very often due to his technical prowess.”

In spite of the embarrassment, Palmer is keen for her edgy image to remain uncompromised, “Sure I messed up, but I actually love dubstep and bass. I absolutely love Afterglow, it’s one of my favourite songs. I also paid over 40 quid for a Hybrid Minds ticket the other week so you could say I’m a pretty big fan and didn’t just go because all my mates were.”

In order to reinvent herself and save face, Palmer is reported to have bought a set of mixing decks on eBay and learned to DJ herself: “There’s a serious gap in the market for student DJs in Bristol and I’m going to fill it.” she told our reporters.

Palmer has already got her first set booked and is scheduled to play an awkward set to some of her friends in her room next week under the name DJ 2:2.

The world, or at least Hiatt Baker D block, eagerly awaits Melanie’s foray into the world of dance music. Tickets go live Friday.

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