‘It’s called work-life balance’: Student completes seminar reading in Royal Park queue

Time is money, and money can be spent on beer.

Reports have emerged of multitasking student able to juggle social life and university work by remarkably combining the two. Having briefly started his reading in the library, Harry Campbell segued from academia to the pub in a matter of seconds.

Harry explained his ability in order to help those plagued by the struggle of the highly sought-after work-life balance.

“People don’t know how to manage their time. I hardly ever go to the library. But when I see an opportunity for saved time, I grab it, and a queue that long needs exploiting.

“While my mates are pissing around trying to find their IDs, whining for filters, I’m concluding my chapter on Foucault. As he famously says, knowledge is power, and I’m safe in the knowledge that I’m gonna fucking nail my seminar tomorrow while also maintaining my high-status position in my social circle.

“Also, it means you’ve got some cracking controversial conversation starters for when you finally get into the pub.  I’ll casually drop a line about some geopolitical conflict I’ve just read about, then sit back and watch the carnage.”

Well known Royal Park Bouncer, Woman who Unnecessarily Glares At You, gave her thoughts on the matter.

“Don’t know what that lad thinks he’s doing prancing about with his books in the queue but frankly he’s looking for a slap.”

It was confirmed that Harry missed his seminar on Foucault because of a hangover but still plans to go to Royal Park this evening to do some essay planning.

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