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Growing up: student enters seminar a boy, leaves a mansplainer

“I think what Judith Butler actually meant to say was…”

The Whip has been lucky enough to follow a true coming of age story this week. After actually attending his Philosophy of Ethics seminar, a second year student and former boy has since blossomed into a mansplainer.

Jack Parker never expected to leave his 10am with anything more than a headache. Little did he know it would give him the expertise to re-explain what he’d just learnt to his coursemates, none of which had asked him to, and all of which had also attended the same seminar.

“I don’t know why we call it ‘mansplaining’ and not just regular explaining. The fact that I’m a man is completely irrelevant” Jack told our reporter “and even if it were ‘mansplaining’ what would be so bad about that? If anything the ‘man’ part makes it even better, for example, we all know that Manchester is way better than Chester”.

According to our sources the “new” Jack is at work beyond the confines of the classroom, demonstrating that mansplaining could be considered not only a useful but transferable skill.

His housemate Chris noticed the change immediately and had this to say to The Whip: “Jack is so much more mature these days. Yes, he still gets his mum to do his washing but he’s started telling her exactly how he wants it done. Proper assertive”.

Jack intends to meet with his seminar tutor to thank her for the positive change in his life. “I think she’ll really appreciate me coming along to her office hours tomorrow, I bet I can even help her out with some of the trickier stuff”.

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