Parsons bow to remembrance pressure with the launch of poppy seeded ‘Lest We Baguette’

“It’s vital to ensure that remembrance is done in a dignified and respectful way”

With the onset of the annual poppy season, the Bristol-based bakery Parsons have firmly committed themselves to ‘team poppy’, showing their respect for the war dead with the release of a new sandwich named ‘Lest We Baguette’.

The new sandwich, whose name refers to the poppy seeds baked into the baguette itself, is expected to be a hit, particularly with flat cap and Barbour jacket wearing gammon who want everyone to know that they’re ‘ex-forces’.

When asked about the sandwich, a Parsons spokesperson told The Whip: “It’s important to make sure that remembrance is done in a dignified and respectful way, hence the new sandwich. It’s essentially a BLT, with the red tomato representing the blood of our fallen and the green lettuce representing the green fields of Flanders.”

The decision is likely to stir controversy among those who believe the poppy to be a symbol of support for military activity. The Whip spoke to second-year Liberal Arts student Poppy Aristarchus, who gave her thoughts on Parson’s new product.

“I just don’t think it’s right to glorify war. I accidentally bought one of these new baguettes this morning, and I’m not entirely proud of myself for having eaten it, but as a sign of disgust at the UK’s foreign policy decisions in recent decades, I made sure I spat out every last one of those poppy seeds. How’d you like that, Tony Blair?”

Just how controversial the sandwich will be remains to be seen, but its creation no doubt stands as testament to the continually divisive symbol of the red poppy.

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