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Freshers’ flu enters third trimester

First it was Freshers’ flu.

First, it was Freshers’ flu, and I did not speak out – because it’s freshers’, right, and you’re not doing it right if you don’t get a little ill.

Then, it was a chesty cough in second week, and I did not speak out – because there’s nothing to do second week of term so I may as well keep going.

Then, it was a slight temperature in week three, and I did not speak out – because I slept with my window open on Tuesday and went out in the rain without a coat on Thursday, so I reckon a couple Lemsips and early nights will sort me out.

Then, it was tonsillitis in week four, and I did not speak out – because I went Flux on Friday and I’ve really not been looking after myself recently and I can just go doctors and get some antibiotics, so it’ll clear up within a week.

Then, it was migraines in fifth week, and I started to speak out – because it’s really taking the piss now and I’ve got a couple deadlines coming up and I could really do with getting on with my work; but, then again, I didn’t finish my antibiotics course so it’s probably just that.

Then, it was tonsillitis again, and I really did speak out – because for fuck’s sake it’s been six weeks now. Who gets tonsillitis twice in six weeks? I’ve got a lit. review and a 3000-word essay due in next week, and frankly, I’m fucked.

And then, I got bronchitis, and I could not speak out – because I’d lost my voice.

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