“It was too cramped, I had to get out” Viet Cong tunneller fails to buy focaccia in Bakery 164

164 people in a bakery!

Bakery 164, a monolith in the university lunchtime debate and local bastion of slightly-above-average sandwich making, has, until now, been virtually immune to critique by those outside of the gluten intolerant community.

Yet one sandwich-lover’s recent debacle has confirmed that the shop may well have reached such a level of popularity as to ruin the entire sandwich buying experience, The Whip can reveal.

Veteran of the Vietnam War, Mr Nguyen, described his erroneous decision to visit Bakery 164 for a yeasty treat right in the middle of the 1pm-1.30pm danger time. After battling through the Tesco-scorning sea of students sprawling across the pavement outside, he had this to say about his subsequent experience:

“Despite being very used to tight spaces – let me tell you, those Cu Chi tunnels were a bit of a squeeze – the sheer volume of people in a shop that small was simply terrifying. I couldn’t even breathe, let alone make a choice between the sandwich with sweet potato in it, and the sandwich with sweet potato in it. It was all too much.”

This lunchtime tale of wheat and woe has affirmed that Bakery 164 is a place loved by all except sufferers of claustrophobia and coeliac disease. Is it a coincidence that the shop is called ‘Bakery 164’ rather than ‘Bacery 164’? It seems not.

Nonetheless, The Whip has been informed that Mr Nguyen learnt from his mistake, and the following day went two doors down to Pickard’s for a better sandwich, a place to sit, and enough space for a flash mob of fire jugglers.

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