‘The revolution will not be posted on the VLE!’ Minerva joins striking lecturers

There is power in the factory, power in the land.

Striking Leeds university lecturers received a huge boost this week as online learning portal Minerva packed up all service in fear of being labelled a “dirty scab bastard.”

Whilst lecturers are participating in 8 days of industrial action protesting against pensions and pay gaps, Minerva has also downed tools in solidarity.

The multiple digital walkouts have caused chaos on campus with deadlines disrupted and a spike in planned ‘9-5 library days’ getting ‘sacked the eff off.’

University IT teams were not alerted prior to Minerva’s media-mutiny, but the Digital Delinquent did subsequently post a statement on university channels explaining the decision to strike.

It read, “I ain’t licking no boots today. SOLIDARITY to my comrades on the picket. Y’all know I’m serious now.

“If one of us goes, we all go. Down with Maggie ‘n all that!”

The University declined the offer of an interview with The Whip, but did issue a short press release on the matter.

“Any excuse for a day off. Just wait until we get the robots in to replace the lot of ‘em”.

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