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Bi-winning! Girl who’s always dated terrible men now dating terrible women, too

Love conquers, eh?

Here at The Whip we are proud to say that we welcome diversity in all its forms, and feel no different when it comes to accepting yourself and your sexuality #pride.

This is why we are so excited to tell the personal tale of one of our writers, who last week revealed to us that she found love with a special lady friend of hers.

Aria Isabella Sophia spoke to our feelings supervisor about her self-discovery win.

“Basically, I always thought I was straight because my parents are, but now I’m not so sure… I think I might like people who aren’t men, which is wild I know because historically, men are really quite something.”

Sophia had in the past only dated male writer performer directors, but since finding herself she has also found a new lease of life in dating women who direct and perform and also write.

After ending things with her short term long distance boyfriend, she began dating Stephanie, a second year about to simultaneously star in and review the upcoming Dramsoc production of Spring Awakening, which is nice for her I guess. Multitasking win!

However trouble came swiftly to paradise as Stephanie found a stash of Spotlights’ new writing scripts in Sophia’s bag. The two have not talked since, now communicating exclusively through Facebook reacts.

Since then, Sophia has soldiered on through the marshlands of Tinder, the political correctness of Bumble and the indie weirdness of Hinge. At last, she digi-stumbled into Alex, a fourth year psychology student currently writing her dissertation on the effects of private school education on one’s ability to empathise.

Love conquers, eh?

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