Fresher attends silent disco at wrong deaf institute


Reports emerged this weekend that a fresher who thought he was attending a Lean and Bop silent disco at hip student drinking venue The Deaf Institute accidentally went to a mute rave at the Manchester Institute for the Deaf and Dumb.

The Institute, opened in 1850 to assist misunderstood deaf-mute people in gaining an education and place in society, hosts a weekly shubz with no music for the aurally impaired to get their groove on.

The first year in question, James Walton, expressed dismay at going to the wrong event but admitted to¬†The Whip that the deaf ‘seriously don’t mess about when it comes to silence’.

“I whacked ‘deaf institute’ in my Google Maps cause I couldn’t remember how I got there last time – paralytic on the bus as usual, classic James,” the Geography student said.

“I ended up at this venue I’d never seen before but thought fuck it, this must be the place, Talking Heads style, and walked right on in where the sign said ‘silent disco’. No bouncer or anything!

“Anyway I get in and it’s a proper sweatbox, pure filthy basement vibes, obviously no music but also no-one wearing headphones.

“I didn’t really have a clue what was going on but I just said fuck it and got my moves on, 2-stepping the night away. It was only when this girl didn’t move away in disgust when I said hi to her that I realised something was up.

“Apparently I’d got myself into some place where deaf people go as a community. Whatever, it seems the sound of everyone stamping their feet in unison isn’t actually that different from the techno you usually hear on a night out.”

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