“Couldn’t hack that party, had to go for a taccy”, says student voting in marginal seat

For those dismayed with the current incumbents, students in marginal seats have the opportunity to vote tactically, often in either one of two constituencies, to support a candidate and party they deem better than the alternative.

One second-year Politics & International Relations student told The Whip about their experience.

“Mate, it all got a bit out of hand. I’d had far too much under-investment in local communities, it was actually fucking lethal. If I’m honest, the party wasn’t even that good, it was full of posh twats and they kept saying how they wanted to ‘Get Brexit Done’. Plus there was all this messed up shit going on, like they just kept taking money off anyone who was poor or disabled. It was all a bit mad.”

“As soon as I clocked that the social fabric of this country was absolutely fuuuucked, I thought a taccy might have been on the cards, but when I felt the levels of inequality in Britain rising, I literally couldn’t hold it in anymore.”

“I was like, boom, straight down to the polling station, and I even drew a dick in the box next to my chosen option, all thanks to a classic dare from Robbo, the absolute lad.”