Man voting tactically carefully writes ‘4-3-3’ on ballot paper

A crafty choice for this opposition.

In the era of first past the post and 5 at the back, how to be ‘tactical’ is a highly contested subject. Mark McNally ignored cries in his constituency for wingbacks and to vote Lib Dem in a swing seat because Labour couldn’t possibly win, instead sticking to what he knows best: 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and a front 3.

Outsmarting the wiliest of political opposition, McNally is rumoured to be composing his front 3 in a ‘false 9’, with his centre forward dropping back to support his wingers.

His plan is that the right-wing outruns his European opposition before making cuts inside. And the left-wing picks up the ball off of him to deliver what the people want with a finish in the final third.

After offering the government some sage tactical advice today, MacNally has decided to unwind by having a cool pint in the pub and discussing the pertinence of J.S. Mill’s ‘On Liberty’ in the era of social media echo chambers and political polarisation.

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