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16 coach changes save student £4.30 on trip home

A savvy student spender!

For many students, getting home at the end of a long term is both an expensive and time-consuming affair. Despite this, one savvy-saver, first year Physics student Charlie Davis, has managed to find an ingenious way of saving on his coach journey from Bristol to Peterborough.

With a mere 16 coach changes, Charlie saved a jaw-dropping £4.30, and in the process managed to show the rip-off coach companies who’s boss.

Charlie spoke to The Whip about his continued frustration with coach fares and how much of a great deal his journey was.

“Tickets like mine are the rip-off bus companies’ best kept secret – the savings are so good that they don’t want anybody to know about them.”

“Some people think I’m crazy for being willing to change coaches 16 times, but that’s precisely where my massive savings come from. Plus, I got to do some sightseeing. Not only did I get to see Bicester Village, the UK’s only shopping outlet centre to stretch the same length as the Champs-Elysées, but I also got to see the famous Northampton National Lift Tower, rumoured to be Paul Hollywood’s favourite lift-testing tower of a height greater than 250ft in the whole of the East Midlands. I even got a glimpse of Towcester’s Llama trekking and breeding centre – truly the jewel in the crown of Towcester llama and alpaca-based tourist attractions.”

It is unclear whether Charlie’s extreme cost-cutting approach will catch on in the near future.

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