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Student aces job interview at law firm over Christmas dinner with father

A Christmas miracle!

It’s no surprise that at high flying Russell Group universities such as Bristol the demand for internships is rife. The applications, however, are not for the weak; and reading books, volunteering and fake work experiences with your new girlfriend’s father have not been so popular since the few weeks before UCAS closed. The final stage of the process is usually an interview and with questions such as ‘How would you kill someone and get away with it’; these are definitely not a walk in the park.

It is, however, possible to find the odd student who managed to find success. Third-year undergraduate Minty Clement-Mountbatten has told The Whip about how she recently landed a six-week internship with one of the UK’s top law firms. We caught up with Minty to find out exactly how she accomplished this major feat.

“It was Christmas morning”, Minty began, “I was staying with my father and his new girlfriend whilst my mother travelled solo around the dunes of India.”

“I was pretty nervous, Dad is a scary figure, but all in all was actually pretty easy. I worked up the courage over the foie gras starter so that by the main course, and with the encouragement of Granny, I could tell that I was doing pretty well. At the end of the interview, he shook my hand and told me I had the job! It was such a relief!”

Minty also offered up some advice to prospective candidates: “Honestly, don’t overthink it. If your first opportunity fails, you can always just text your godfather. I think most students exaggerate the whole process anyway.”

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