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Thrifty student replaces expensive lost headphones with ‘I Love Music’ face tattoo

Still cooler than airpods.

The post-Christmas period is a time when, in between exams and essays, Leeds’s array of trendy students can subtly show off yet consciously try not show off all their expensive but not too overtly expensive new Christmas presents.

For one devastated second year though, who lost their Sennheiser Over-Ear PXC 550s, worth an equivalent of three months rent or six large Pickards, the game appeared to be up. However, not to be defeated, history student Alan Cappella has ingeniously resolved to ink ‘I Love Music’ across his forehead instead.

The Whip were able to catch up with the exclusively Carhartt clad man in question, outside his favourite haunt, Brudenell Social Club.

‘I mean, let’s be honest, the intended effect is still there,’ Cappella began, in between sips of his Kirkstall Ale and drags of his rollie.

‘Plastering I Love Music across my face might not convey it quite as directly as a big, black pair of over-ears, but for twenty quid from a bloke in Kirkstall market, you really can’t complain. All I need now is one of those silly pork pie style beanies and I’m absolutely rocking.’

‘But God, I do miss that low-end.’

Alan unfortunately had to make a swift exit; duty bound as he was to distribute fliers for his mates upcoming night at Blueberry Hill studios. Expect it to have a very witty pun for a name and absolutely nobody there.

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