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Derren Brown reveals next trick: “I will now attempt to fail a childhood studies unit”

This could be his greatest feat yet

Step right up, step right up! You’ve seen him walk on broken glass, you’ve seen him predict the lottery, but now comes a trick from Derren Brown that will test the very limits of human endurance, or lack thereof…

This week, The Whip’s magic correspondent was shocked to the core when they caught wind of the infamous magician’s next Channel 4 extravaganza: failing a Childhood Studies module in front of a live studio audience.

Childhood studies 2nd year Tottie Playfair gave our correspondent her verdict on the daring feat…

“Honestly not sure he’s gonna manage this one,” mused the undergraduate, “me and my mates have tried this for two years, and we’ve yet to crack the secret.”

“Last year I really thought I’d done it when I deliberately used the wrong end of my crayon for my ‘colouring and drawing’ unit, but turns out it produced a blended streak effect which our tutor thought was meant to represent distant adult figures, landing me with a 1st. I was so embarrassed.”

Clearly, pulling off this trick won’t be child’s play.  So, we summoned the great magician himself to discuss his preparation tactics for the big night…

“This is my biggest one yet,” murmured Brown, nervously lighting a cigarette, “I’m going to have to pull out all the stops. I think my best bet is that if I hypnotise myself into thinking the degree is difficult, maybe I’ll panic and fail the module that way.”

“But it all depends on what module they use! I mean drawing and colouring, make believe, they’re all subjective and I could balls it up using my hypnosis technique. However, if it’s something like ‘show and tell’, I might be in for a rougher ride…”

Tune in to Channel 4 at 21:30 to see this career defining stunt first-hand.

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