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Student who committed 110% to essay docked marks for exceeding the word limit

Literally, so unfair.

Reports have emerged this morning of a disgruntled and confused student who has lost five marks on their January essay for exceeding the word limit.

The second-year Sociology student, Maxwell Funicular, was inspired by his tutor’s encouragement to really commit to the essay.

“She told me to take pride in my work, to give it my best, and – and I quote – ‘to give 110%’. And then now she has the cheek to mark me down for going over 2000 words.”

The essay title, ‘To What Extent Can The Teletubbies Reinforce The Discourses Of Multiculturalism In A Post-Brexit Britain?’ was one that the deep-thinking, yet surprisingly thick, Hyde Park resident had spent all Christmas puzzling over.

“I Just needed another 200 words to reiterate my argument: Po – being red – obviously represents Communism, whilst La La, Dipsy and Tinky Winky clearly embody the different race and genders in 21st century Britain.

“These are the sort of clever things that I understand now because I do sociology and you don’t.”

Either way, Funicular has been marked down for his inability to stick to the word count, vowing never to properly try on an essay again.

“Serves me right, really. Docked marks for trying, who would have thought?”

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