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‘I just want to meet someone the old-fashioned way’, says girl deleting Hinge, re-downloading Tinder

The news comes following a recent report from the Ministry of Gettin’ Some

It seems that Hinge, notorious for its slogan “the dating app that’s designed to be deleted”, should have been careful what it wished for, as The Whip has learned of thousands of hopeless romantics doing exactly that in favour of a more old-fashioned approach.

Hinge had previously grabbed its users’ attention with much meatier profiles, detailing whether your matches smoke, drink, do drugs or want kids as well as exactly how tall they’re pretending to be. It even gives you the option to broadcast which kind of drugs you do, a pill symbol for the bloody legends and a weed leaf for the stoners, eliminating the need for the jarring ‘420 friendly’ taking up valuable advertising space in your bio.

Recent studies by the Ministry of Gettin’ Some, however, have shown that finding out more about a match can actually hurt chances of a connection, with many daters preferring the element of surprise that Tinder can offer.

“It’s just so much more romantic when you know close to nothing about the stranger you’re meeting for the first time alone and in the dark”, second year Isabel Norris told The Whip. “Getting all dressed up and ready for a date only to find out that he’s actually two inches shorter than you and addicted to coke, well… there’s just nothing else like it”.

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