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Student drops out to pursue TikTok career after successfully learning The Macarena

The new Zuckerberg?

It is no secret that we live in a world with a rapidly growing generation of booming, tech savvy wizzkids. Out of their own bedrooms, children are able to become millionaire online entrepreneurs, high flying crypto-currency traders and influential figures in the media with millions of followers. TikTok is the undisputed beating heart of this digital revolution; revamping and transforming our society into a fast flowing and interconnected utopia.

The Whip interviewed one of these influential voices of tomorrow: Emily Tanner, who recently dropped out of university to pursue a TikTok career after successfully learning The Macarena.

Tanner tells our reporter exactly how she first encountered the iconic song that birthed her career on the popular app:

“I was trying to translate the song as part of my modern languages summative assessment, but I just found it, like, so hard.”

Having failed at translating Despacito, The Macarena and Esskeetit by Lil Pump into English, Tanner knew her chances of scraping a degree were on the rocks. As a result of this hardship she decided to go back to square one and rather than translating The Macarena, try and master its intricate choreography.

The rest is history. So far, Tanner has amassed twenty-seven followers and is well on her way to becoming a top-tier influencer. She was reportedly disappointed with the rejection she received when she reached out to several major luxury hotels in Thailand with the offer of providing them ‘exposure’ in exchange for free accommodation and flights. Apparently, she was not too disheartened as she plans to travel South East Asia over summer anyway.

She cheerfully sang to our reporter that she will “TikTok in Bangkok, and the party don’t stop, no. Oh oh oh oh.”

Tanner predicts she will earn her first million by 2021 and will be worth 50 million by 2030. But Emily Tanner is not alone: she is just one of the many voices that propel our society forwards in this fast-paced, exciting digital era.


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