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Tik Tok Influencer with coronavirus delighted to finally go viral

Content that will leave you weak at the knees.

When diagnosed with coronavirus, most people would be terrified about the high possibility of imminent death or at the very least, a little concerned. However, Felicity Fish, a self-proclaimed Tik Tok Influencer, was not one of those people, becoming possibly the only person in the world to describe the coronavirus as a “blessing” and “a dream come true.”

Despite the heavy quarantine, our reporters still managed to catch up with the lucky girl for an inside scoop.

“Honestly, Tik Tok is just the way forward for girls like me who are just like, way too pretty to sit in an office. I thought I’d become famous instantly, but it was like, actually taking a bit of hard work, which I’m not used to.

“I mean, when I dreamed of going viral this wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I’ll take it. I’ve gained a few thousand followers already – everyone felt my hacking cough was very relatable and I’ve got a camera on at all times now so like, if I die, at least I can film it.”

Despite the coronavirus possibly taking years off her life, it has not robbed Felicity of her humbleness as the influencer had some words of inspiration for her fellow Tik Tokers out there:

“Most diseases are like spread by touching people, so I’d say just, like, get with as many people as possible – Fruity’s good, Pryzm if you’re like, really clapped.  Just live your best life, be a hoe and fuck the haters – literally.

“And, like, take every opportunity you get. Because there will be some people who are like ‘Felicity, you should really stay in quarantine rather than leaving to make a Tik Tok with that hot doctor’ or ‘Felicity, you could actually die, stop filming me crying for a couple of likes.’

“But those people just don’t get the life of a celebrity and only through ignoring them can you really make your mark in the Tik Tok world.”

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