Bazinga! Dope tutor wearing the hell out of Big Bang Theory t-shirt

Far out!

The word crisis is often overused for situations that would better be described as a ‘debacle’ or ‘kerfuffle’ – but it is no over exaggeration to say that there is a kerfuffle in the student/tutor dynamic.

Where once it was commonplace for students to be able to engage in casual conversation and sexual intercourse with their tutors, a decline in tutor numbers coupled with an increase in student numbers has led to many members of the Leeds community feeling increasingly disengaged with their scholastic surroundings.

There are however, a few valiant souls rallying against the gradual erosion of the academic partnership between a student and their teacher.

Jeff Cho, seminar leader for the ‘PHYS64: How Many Stars are there roughly?’ Physics module has extended the metaphorical olive branch to what he called ‘the disengaged masses’ by trying to relate to his students through the medium of pop-culture clothing – and it has certainly made an impression on some of his students.

‘Before I thought Jeff was a fusty old boomer who didn’t get me or my love for sitcoms that belittle people with autism’ third year Sandy Flange told The Whip ‘but as soon as he came in wearing that wicked and visibly too small Big Bang Theory garm my opinion of him completely changed. Now I await his teachings not as his student, but as his contemporary. Where once he was a Penny i.e. annoying – now he is a Howard or Raj.’

‘He has united the hearts and minds of us all’ Sandy went on to say through floods of tears and snot.

Jeff doesn’t plan on stopping there, he sees this as merely the first step on a grand campaign to re-engage his students.

‘I’ve just started watching How I Met Your Mother and needless to say my upcoming seminar on metaphysics is going to be Legen-wait-for-it-dary! You know – like from the show! How I Met Your Mother! Have you seen Fleabag?’

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