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Girl can’t tell if he’s ‘the one’ or if he just gave her the notes from this week’s seminar

He is my ballast.

A first-year student is at a loss this week after being unsure whether she’s fallen in love with her seminar study buddy.

The history undergrad, Jessica B. Sotted, is undecided as to whether the gesture was the most altruistic, romantic and downright sexual act she’d ever encountered, or if the boy from her tutorial had just forwarded her the notes from that morning’s seminar.

Speaking to The Whip, she divulged:

“I think I love him! Love is about supporting each other through thick or thin and this morning – when I sent him a message saying, ‘heya, do you mind sending me the notes from today, aha x’ – he showed me all the care and attention a girl could ask for.

“He is my ballast,” Sotted continued, decorating her University of Leeds branded notebook with love hearts. “He lay his notes out in the most beautiful way: sub-heading (bold); main point; any key dates or facts; opinions of his own (italicised).”

When asked whether she thought that it might not be love and that rather she was just relieved she didn’t have to catch up on the reading, Jessica was philosophical in her response

“Is there a difference? Love takes many different forms – and maybe, for me, at this particular time, that love has manifested itself in the convenience of having someone in a seminar who is hard-working and punctual?”

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