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Opinion: I don’t know much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but here are my thoughts anyway

Here goes I guess.

I don’t know all that much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but here goes I guess. I’ve tried to do a bit of research, but it was quite grim, and not everything I saw supported what I had initially reckoned? Oh, blimey. I think I’m going to get myself in a bit of a muddle here. Ah, jeez. This is a tough one. This is a bit of a stab in the dark, but to  “essay”, after all, means to try! * 

There are some sort of strong arguments on both sides here, maybe. I read about this thing called BDS for instance. BDS? “What’s that?”, you say. Who knows! Not me. After all, doesn’t it normally have an M on the end? I would hate to step on the toes of the Kink Community, if it’s got something to do with that. Unless they were into getting their toes stepped on and stuff, which is totally sexy if that’s the case. In this scenario, they would get a massive thumbs up from me. I’m very sex positive. 

So, bondage and sadism. How might this relate to the conflict? 

Does Palestine have a safe-word? Is Israel a dom? These are fundamentally interesting ideas, for sure. Or, perhaps they’re not. It presumably depends on where you stand, or sit, or lie down on the floor and take the foetal position. When dealing with such a sensitive and complex geopolitical situation like this one it’s absolutely crucial to remember that I’m pretty uninformed. I’m just not wedded to any of it.

Also, incidentally, if I were to get married, it would probably be a secular ceremony, outside of any major faith group. 

So, to conclude, I’ve expressed many interesting ideas about Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but — and I want to stress this — I really don’t have any expertise here at all. I’m the literary equivalent of  blind naked mole rat with a darned bad stuffed nose snuffling about in a warren of extraordinarily difficult issues. God help me if I know literally anything about it. And by ‘God’ I’m referring to both Yahweh and Allah at the same time, but also to neither, if you know what I mean? 

To conclude, I’m gonna take a punt on both sides being right but also wrong at the same time, to varying and unspecified degrees. 

Ok. Let’s just waste some of my words here with a footnote. Coolio. No one can shit on me for writing a footnote. It’s kind of interesting too. Sort of!

Essay: Late 15th century (as a verb in the sense ‘test the quality of’): alteration of assay, by association with Old French essayer, based on late Latin exagium ‘weighing’, from the base of exigere ‘ascertain, weigh’; the noun (late 16th century) is from Old French essai ‘trial’.

Cool right! 

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