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Disappointed Criminology student fails to secure summer placement with Yakuza

At press time Daniel was reportedly considering taking a year out to do some freelance crime instead.

It has been a difficult week for final year criminology student Daniel Watts as it emerged that both of his applications to the Yakuza graduate scheme had been rejected.

Mr Watts had launched parallel applications in both the white collar crime and personal extortion departments of the large Japanese criminal organisation in late November. Unfortunately, after completing a series of online personality tests and attending a Skype interview, this week he received separate rejection emails from both.

“Obviously this extremely disappointing to me,” Daniel said as The Whip caught up with him outside the career’s office, CV in hand. “I’d really pinned my hopes on this application and now I’m seriously rethinking my options.”

Daniel had received an offer from the Triads, but at a much lower salary in the credit fraud department – an area he did not originally apply for. He also felt that it would represent a waste of his Japanese language skills that he developed by taking his open units.

At press time Daniel was reportedly considering either studying a Masters in Celebrity Blackmail or taking a year out to do some freelance crime.

The Yakuza could not be reached for comment.


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