Confused Charles Morris student thinks ‘Peggy Gou at Refectory’ is some sort of new dessert

Leggy who?

First year: new experiences, new clothes, new music taste. A time of frenzied reinvention and conformity. Out with the Vampire Weekend, in with the Romanian micro-house. However, The Whip has received reports that one Charles Morris student is lagging distressingly behind the curve in this process of re-education.

Anne Te Diluvian, a maths student (obviously), made the mistake of assuming that Peggy Gou, headlining Inner City Electronic tomorrow, was in fact a new form of South Korean souffle soon to arrive in the refectory.

“I haven’t seen anyone make such an egregious first year faux pas since I heard a northerner call pres prinks,” said Anne’s flatmate Matilda Malarkey, who witnessed the incident. “It’s almost like they’re trying to sound stupid.

“Anyway, we were all sat around in our massive, expensive flat, just drinking and talking and letting everyone know how much we know about music and culture and the like, classic us, when Peggy Gou pops into conversation (as she tends to these days, she’s a bit of a rising star, you should check her out).

“Then, out of nowhere, Anne asks whether the new Peggy Gü will be vegan. We just didn’t have the heart to tell her. It is March for crying out loud, everybody knows Peggy is dope. They even said so in The Guardian. Realistically, if you don’t know by now you don’t deserve to know. There really is just no helping some people.

“You guys should give Hunee a listen too,” Matilda went on, “he’s a pretty integral part of the scene. Yeh it’s actually pronounced who-knee, rather than honey. Did you know that? I’ll let you off, it’s a common mistake. He’s cool, anyway, so I like him.”

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