University vigorously encourages social distancing by cramming entire student population into one library

Social Distancing Shmocial Shmistancing

Yesterday the University of Leeds uncovered its genius plan to tackle the outbreak of Covid-19, in a characteristically wordy and hard to decipher email.

In this update, the university announced that, in order to encourage social distancing – and thereby reduce the rate of infections across campus – it was going to take measures to ensure that students could only study if crammed into one tiny library, rather than spread out across four that campus has to offer.

Yesterday morning’s message set shockwaves across campus: all lectures to be moved online, contingency plans for summer with the potential of take-home exams, all libraries apart from one to be closed so that rather than studying spaced apart everyone would be crammed in to one building with limited seating and not enough hand washing stations.

These bold moves really showed that the university had put its best minds together to tackle this unprecedented pandemic.

Speaking to a university spokesperson, The Whip was able to ask why they didn’t just open all four libraries but at a reduced capacity whilst banning students sitting less than a metre apart from each other, so as to cause the least disruption whilst still ensuring social distancing; rather than forcing everyone who wants to work to study in the same building. She refused to comment.

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