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“Keep your distance, young man!”, screams dot on horizon

“Not a single step further!”

With the unprecedented impact of coronavirus on our daily lives, it is little surprise that tensions are running high. As patience grows increasingly strained, and tempers flare, civil society balances ever more precariously on the knife edge.

However, some are implacable in their struggle to stick to the rules and do the right thing. 

One minuscule dot took matters into his own hands today. Spotting a wily scamp in the far distance, he launched into a stream of invective – warning the space invader to keep their distance… or else.

“He’s coming in hot, 11 o clock,” the barely discernible speck told reporters, proceeding to pull out a .50 calibre piece to deal with the would-be lawbreaker.

“That miscreant could flout the government’s carefully outlined rules regarding social distancing, spreading disease and putting pressure on our beloved National Health Service.”

By the time this story went to print, the dot had successfully eliminated the threat with a well placed bullet to the head.

“While my methods may seem unorthodox, god damn they get results.”

In these times of uncertainty, it’s good to see that many continue to take their civil obligations seriously. Truly an example to us all.

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