“La Rocca’s back!”, housemate delighted at French geology student’s return.

“The woman of the hour (until 10 P.M…)”

She’s back! The local legend of La Rocca (real name Carla Guilliand) has returned from the land of cheese, wine and baguettes to the Redland. Her flatmates were overjoyed! The Whip spoke to La Rocca and her flatmate known to the government as ‘Tim’ to find out more.

 We asked Tim why is it so important that she’s returned? He explained: “With this lockdown and everything I really needed La Rocca back because all work and no play makes Tim a dull boy.” We found it odd that Tim referred to himself in third person but he continued regardless. “La Rocca is great, Tim likey.”

 We asked the woman of the hour (until 10 P.M.) how she found her return. “Bristol is my city — I love geology but I love a cheap and cheerful night out even more.” We wondered whether she had missed the french food and wine to which she replied: ‘What… like Camembert, Brie and Comté? Please. I have Wham!, Peter Andre, and Rick Astley!” She might have had a point.

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