‘You have to separate the art from the artist’ and 10 other things men like to say

Men. What are they like!

Lots of times they come out with all sorts of weird conspicuous tittle-tattle to try to impress you and get you to ignore the hand welded into your lower back. As manslaughter is still illegal, it’s important to react calmly in such situations and recognise these common conversational blackholes which often ensnare others. Luckily The Whip is on hand with a number of common phrases to look out for and thus avoid said entrapment: 

1.) ‘You have to separate the art from the artist’

2.) ‘It’s like this new kind of anti-comedy comedy’

3.) ‘Biden’s not even really a Democrat though, if you think about it’

4.) ‘So we ended in Venezuela playing Azul with the diplomat’s half-brother; that was when she walked in’

5.) ‘It is kind of a grey area though’

6.) ‘Doesn’t really count if students spread it here cause we’re not vulnerable’

7.) ‘Ah sorry for doing that, I’m just going through a lot, feeling really low, you know. When I’m down I tend to lash out so, yeah. Can’t really talk right now. Just thinking through things.’

8.) ‘Honestly I don’t think enough women even want to do panel shows’

9.) ‘Thought you didn’t know! Was just trying to help :/’

10.) ‘I’m not saying we should look up to the statues, but they are a part of history’

11.) ‘It’s all semantics though isn’t it’