‘Uh, I know it’s such a cliche’: Hanoi local shows off bedroom tapestry by UOB student

“Reminds me of when I went to Bognor Regis on my gap yah…”

Tapestries made by UoB students are all the rage amongst Vietnamese locals this year, as locals in Hanoi adorn their bedrooms with the super original and authentic “ethnic cloths” en masse. The Whip managed to grab a quick comment from one man who had covered every wall of his student flat with a different hanging.

He explained, “On my gap yahhh I spent months trawling round Bristol. I tasted the local cuisine at a place called ‘Taka Taka’. Am I pronouncing that right? T-A-K-A T-A-K-A. Chips and curry – real authentic British cuisine you can’t get anywhere else. I also went to Bristol’s amazing tourist spots. The W.G. Grace, The Berkeley – real cornerstones of Great British culture. I really began to feel like a local when I started chundering down myself in the street at 3:00 am – Rule Britannia!”

“Not only was I able to find myself on my gap yah, but I was also able to find killer bargains for these tapestries. What better way to show all my friends that I am super edgy and well travelled than to cover my room, floor to ceiling, with random crap from my gap yah… did i mention that I went on gap yah?  Anyways, these tapestries are sure to be a total pussy magnet.”

Unfortunately this local’s attempt to stand out from the crowd with his bedroom decor proved counterproductive when he realised every other local in Hanoi had similarly decorated their walls with UOB made tapestries.

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