Bristol UK

Straight white male selects ‘prefer not to say’

A diverse workforce of graduates from Sussex, Surrey AND Kent

Cis straight white males, Harry is their name and privilege is their game. Love them or hate them, they’ll still do better than you in life! They are men of mystery, less James Bond, lust and guns, more premium bonds and trust funds.

The Whip actually found a Harry, in this case a recent economics graduate, and asked him how his prospects for employment were looking. He was relaxed, charming and charismatic; we couldn’t help but fall for his cis straight white male charm. 

“Hey beautiful ;). Yeah it was pretty bless to get a job, I’m going to be working at a consultancy firm in London”. We were almost attracted to him, then we found out his father actually owned the firm, to which he cheerfully replied, “Hahahaha, yeah well… you know how the cookie crumbles!” 

We, at The Whip, did not know the cookie he was referring to. 


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