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Three GBBO showstoppers to make you forget Matt Lucas’ blackface

Try as it might, this four-tiered raspberry madeira cant conceal his racist past.

From Little Britain to The Great British Bake Off, Matt Lucas has quite a professional record of defining national sentiment, ranging from ill-advised sketch bigotry to cake bunting bullshit. 

Having at last escaped the magnetising clutch of David Walliams, leaving the latter to his three major passions of children’s book writing, transphobia and swimming the Thames, Lucas has emerged in a tent on Channel 4 to impose himself yet again on humanity. It’s almost as though the three tier icing and Paul Hollywood’s masochistic charm will distract us from Lucas’ noughties injustices. 

If you haven’t seen Come Fly With Me we envy you; never has a show competed with itself to see which racial minority it can insult the most. The ten years which have passed since have not remotely left enough time to scour the brain. 

Now as Hollywood knows, forgiveness is tricky, and usually takes a good 10-15 ‘shame’ years before a full acquittal. Reportedly the major film studios have drawn up a Naughty Step Guide for the new era allotting ‘forgive n forget’ deadlines based on the level of abhorrence; mercifully A24 refused to sign. 

However media overlords in the UK seem far more appeasing, with a memory loss that rivals only the British History curriculum. Dedicated, as both BBC and Channel 4 appear, to recycling the same caucasians throughout their shows, with only occasional gravitas given to new writers, it looks as though Matt Lucas and his friends will be around for some time.

Oh, and if you’re still reading this and looking for three showstoppers, then you’ve missed the point pal.


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