Taka Taka now just Taka after furloughing half of workforce

Falafel King demoted to Falafel Knave

The adored Greek restaurant chain ‘Taka Taka has been forced to rename itself to just Taka after furloughing half of its staff. The shock decision has devastated students who enjoyed their infamous halloumi wraps after a messy night out. A spokesperson for ‘Taka’ explained this decision to The Whip.

In a statement he said, “ 2020 has been a very challenging year. The pandemic has forced us to adopt a glass half empty mind set. In order to manage the losses we suffered during the pandemic we’ve started serving half the food for double the price. It’s perfect economics.”

Students however were less than impressed with Taka’s decision. Tom Foolery, a fresher reading English and Philosophy, told The Whip that he “has half a mind to march to Taka’s singular door and demand they change their name back. In my opinion Taka isn’t ready to lose it’s better half.”

This historical renaming of this much beloved diner has triggered a chain reaction across Bristol’s high streets. ‘Falafel King’ has renamed itself to ‘Falafel Knave’, ‘Starbucks’ to ‘Starbuck’ and most notably ‘Pieminister’ to ‘This Pieminister Better Pay for His Shite Handling of the Pandemic’.

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