New Otley Run Just Going for a Run in Otley

Talk about a new normal!

As pubs around West Yorkshire keep their lines dry for the foreseeable future many students find themselves left in the lurch. The inability to revel in drunken debauchery has had the bizarre effect of turning the run-of-the-mill-functioning-alcoholic of a student into a health obsessed, lycra clad joggers doing laps of Hyde Park in the middle of winter. 

Thanks to lockdown 2.0, the infamous Otley Run has become a 1.5-mile trail of broken dreams; an apocalyptic ghost town where drunken students dressed in always offensive and rarely original fancy dress once roamed free.

If you listen closely, echoes of “shall we go to the next one” and “you know I’ve always been a pubs over clubs kinda guy” can still be heard floating on the wind.

Instead of this iconic but fairly underwhelming pub crawl, a “new normal” has emerged: a nightmare hellscape of exercise where pints and shitty costumes are replaced with crisp Yorkshire tap water and unironic sweatbands.

For the full experience, bring your housemates and make it authentic by losing them halfway and reconvening at Dry Dock for a thirsty yet sweaty reunion . 

By the time the Leeds freshers grace these halls once again, the Otley Run will be but a 5k Instagram challenge that nobody really cares about yet you still feel guilty not for doing.

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