Bristol and UWE come together to make fun of BIMM students

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ – Sun Tzu

Since its ascension to university status in 1992, UWE has been seen somewhat as a rival to the University of Bristol, creating lots of sexy, sexy tension in Bristol’s clubs where the two are forced to mingle. However, as Sun Tzu teaches us, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is this ancient proverb that formed the basis of a sudden influx of bonding between the two universities and their students as a new target of bullying emerges: people who chose to go to BIMM.

As both once decent universities devolve into mere online experience – a very shit online experience, akin to an expensive Club Penguin – students have been searching for an outlet to release frustration. As Esta Yanua ( Third year Philosopher)  puts it, “ Like even though I’m paying nine grand a year to stare at a screen and  not learn anything, at least I’m not at BIMM” . After venturing down Hotwell road I was met by Carl Jacques who I questioned about the institute of wubs and finger guns.

“Some people used to make fun of me for doing music at UWE and it really hurt. That’s why I’m happy to have someone I can look down on as well. It’s nice to finally have something to chat to my snotty mates at UOB about. We found this one BIMMer on SoundCloud and it’s hilarious to listen to.”.

I asked BIMM student Gregory Hunt to comment on the situation but he refused to, unless I listened to the whole of his new neo-ragga-dubtek mix, “The Turbo Island Tapes”. Unfortunately I could not make it past the first drop.

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