Mindful king doubts self in seminar

Last Tuesday morning, the world stopped for a second. During what would have been an ordinary 9am seminar, one prodigious Politics student exhibited game-changing behaviour, apprehensively uttering the words, “I’m not sure if this is right, but – ” before stating his opinion. Incredible!

“Miraculous stuff,” admits Missy Andrist, fellow seminar attendee and Politics BNOC. “Often boys in our seminars can be witheringly patronising when it comes to their contributions. Or pipe up in dispute, only to paraphrase exactly what another girl has just said. This kind of timidity from a man is pretty radical.”

Another female witness to the milestone told us, “When I first heard him express uncertainty before inputting to the discussion, I thought, my God, I can relate to this, hard,” shaking her head at the previously unsuspected depths of a man’s self-awareness.

Upon meeting the man himself, sensitive sensation Theo Cordial, we pick up on his gracious energy; he has the air of a gentle man who loves country walks feeding the ducks, who might also stay in on a Saturday night to iron his socks. He smells of home-roasted coffee beans and organic rocket. Although we didn’t ask, he definitely uses vegan soap.

We urge him to explain, how does it feel to be resisting gender stereotypes at university in such a revolutionary way? “Please leave me alone,” he replies, clutching his books (we think most likely feminist literature) and briskly walking in the opposite direction. “I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.” Humble king!

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