The Crown: Wills fresher caught masturbating to Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Thatcher

Whilst ratings show that many are enjoying the newest season of the Crown, it appears some might be enjoying it too much.

One such Wills fresher, who originally started watching to see depictions of their long-distance relatives, has been caught overindulging in the show.

The student, who, for the sake of their dignity will remain anonymous, had this to say to The Whip- “A woman in control just really gets me going. The casting was perfect, who else could possibly do justice to the role of the sexiest and most lusted after woman in British history? Televisions own sexpert and milf, Gillian Anderson of course! Plus she reminds me of my mum”

Well, who doesn’t love a bit of girl power…

While the casting of Gillian Anderson (who is also known for roles such as Jean Milburn in Sex Education) as Margaret Thatcher was quite unanticipated by most, it is not surprising that Anderson becoming a huge Tory was tickling some other peoples’ fancy.

I think we can all agree that no one had quite bargained for the Margaret Thatcher: Sex Icon spin that the season went for.